Sunday, December 6, 2009

Removal of trace alert.

When people talk about the removal of a trace alert it is a colloquialism for a removal of a credit default. For removal of trace alerts( it is important to know the following: Trace Alert listings remain on file for three years, and if you really owed the money, there is nothing you can do to have them removed, even if you have now repaid the debt in full.

Your only real hope when it comes to removal of trace alerts then lies with the office of the Credit Information Ombudsman. But he can only order the early removal of trace alerts if you meet all of the following three criteria: You defaulted due to circumstances beyond your control (such as retrenchment, or your business went into liquidation);You showed an intention to honour your debts and communicated proactively with your creditors; and you have been rehabilitated (paid the debt in full).

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