Monday, November 30, 2009

Need Help Blacklisted

There are a few blacklisted companies in Johannesburg . Companies get blacklisted when they cannot pay their credit. This happens surprisingly often and blacklisted companies in Johannesburg often go under as they find it difficult to obtain credit. The government has two types of blacklisted companies, those who have repaid the credit and those who have not. Retail companies and banking institutions can find blacklisted companies Johannesburg at a click of a button. There are credit companies that will loan blacklisted companies in Johannesburg credit, usually at a high rate of interest.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The slang term blacklisted and what it means:

In South Africa there is a well known general slang term being blacklisted. The truth is that there isn’t really such a list called Blacklist. The term or the slang term Blacklisted refers to credit active consumers or persons who, for one reason or another, have defaulted on an agreed credit agreement with a credit provider. As soon as a credit judgment, default or trace alert have been loaded on the consumer’s credit profile held at the various credit bureau you are so called blacklisted.

The next time the credit active consumer who previously defaulted on these credit agreements apply for new or extended credit facilities the new credit application will be assessed and an enquiry with the credit bureau will be done in order to assess the affordability and profitability of the application. The credit bureau will release the report with your signed consent to the credit provider who will instantaneously see that you have defaulted on past credit agreements and decline the new credit application.

Any of the following will classify the credit active consumer as being blacklisted.

· Credit Judgments

· Defaults

· Notices

· Trace Alerts

· Poor repayment history (Pay one month , skip the next etc)

· Low emperica and delphi credit scores

Having adverse information on your credit report classifies you as being blacklisted. Contact us today to remove adverse information and to improve your credit score.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Debt consolidation companies Johannesburg

There are many debt consolidation companies Johannesburg ( A debt consolidation company in Johannesburg will help you organise you credit and make it easier for you to pay back your debts. A debt consolidation company Johannesburg will look at your credit profile and see what kind of payment process will be beneficial to your financial health. It is important in debt consolidation that you can afford to pay back the loan once your debts have been consolidated. Contacting a debt consolidation company is the first step in making debt a thing of the past.

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Home loans

Applying for a home loan ( is an important step in anyone’s financial life. Banks will offer you a variety of home loans to suit your needs but another route to go are credit companies who try to be as competitive as possible by applying to as many banks as possible. Before applying for a home loan it is important to know how long you want to be paying the home loan for, what kind of interest you can afford and what kind of deposit you can afford to put down. Once you have considered this and set a budget you are in better shape to approach a bank or credit company for a home loan. Home loans are one of your biggest expenses so it pays to choose your provider wisely.

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Credit Clearance

Being blacklisted not only devastates your work life it can have disastrous effects on your personal life. The best way to handle a blacklist is to apply for credit clearance

( Credit clearance is the first step to dealing with your bad credit. Credit clearance services are key step in getting on top of your bad debt. There are many credit clearance and credit consolidation companies in South Africa that will be able to help you with your credit clearance. They will help you get a credit clearance certificate and improve your ITC credit record.

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